Online Estimator

Welcome to our Online Estimator! Here you can explore the different modules we have available. Check out our different price options and get an in-depth look at the benefits of each module. Bill Track is at the center of WaterMaster and the majority of our modules require it. If the only thing you're after is water accounting, let us know and we'll get you taken care of.

Bill Track Invoicing and Accounting

Installation: $8,762 / Monthly: $189

Base module

The BillTrack module offers you a simple and accurate approach to managing your accounts.

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  • Apply payments to accounts or properties
  • Bill to owner and or leasing patrons per account
  • Secure web access for multiple simultaneous users
  • Generate invoices for individual accounts or your entire district
  • Bill by flat rate, irrigable acres, deeded acres, or other means of assesment
  • Create charges for all overdue accounts or individual accounts
  • Accurate tracking of all details for account billing
  • Apply interest for past due accounts

Ditch Rider Accounting

Installation: $5,462 / Monthly: $189

Base module

The DitchRider module can track water orders and maintain a complete history of your district's water distribution.

More info
  • Forecast water usage and demand requirements
  • One point of entry reduces the risk of mistakes of water usage
  • Automated water ordering system tracks water usage in real time
  • Capture water usage history in order to conserve water in the future
  • Track flow throughout the district in Cubic Foot Per Second, Minor Inches, Gallons Per Minute, or Metered quantities
  • Patron usage tracking that provides percent of usage for better insight of use of water


Installation: $3,260 / Monthly: $119

Requires Ditch Rider

The RideKick Module is a cloud-based iOS application for iPads that links your Ditch Riders in the field to your home office.

More info
  • Simple input and execution of water orders
  • Prevents errors by having a single point of input
  • Operates on the network or stores information when no network is available then syncs when possible
  • Water orders can be input by computer or in the field by the Ditch Rider on the iPad app

Water Rights and Certificates

Installation: $5,462 / Monthly: $289

Requires Bill Track

The WaterRights and Certificates module provides you with the information that you need in order to manage your water in the most effective way possible.

More info
  • Track 100% of your assigned certificates to ensure you can account for all your water usage across the district.
  • Track historical transfers of water rights with the ability to pull up seniority rights to apply priority of use, if needed.

District Groups and Organizations

Installation: $1,762 / Monthly: $70

Requires Bill Track

DistrictGroups and Orgs simplifies your billing process by allowing you to organize and adjust your patrons by group.

More info
  • Group patrons for billing at different rates
  • Export information into excel for external use
  • Assign patrons to divisions and assign voting rights
  • Import external documents to keep with accounts or properties for safe keeping

Dynamic Reporting

Installation: $1,762 / Monthly: $119

Requires Bill Track

Dynamic reporting allows you to select different fields that are tracked in WaterMaster and run that report based on those selections.

More info
  • Select fields that are desired for reporting requirements
  • Run and rerun reports at your leisure
  • Exportable information to allow manipulation in other programs like excel

Customized Reporting

Installation: $920 / Monthly: $3

Requires Bill Track

Customizable reports allows you to have a report built that meets your individual needs. As long as the information is captured in WaterMaster we can retrieve it in a way that will meet your individual needs.

More info
  • You provided us with the type information you need and we build it!
  • Information in a format that meets your individual needs

Historic Electronic Data Integration

Installation: $2,500 / Monthly: $0

Requires Bill Track

Historic data integration merges your previous years’ billing and water management transactions into WaterMaster, allowing you to have current and prior years’ information in one, easy-to-use system.

More info
  • 1 to 5 years Historical Data.
  • Historical Data for years greater than 5 - $325 per year of data.

Additional Five Users

Installation: $250 / Monthly: $25

Requires Bill Track

With your initial setup you receive 5 separate users to access your database. If you need more you can purchase in increments of 5.

More info
  • Separate login accounts
  • WaterMaster tracks everything that happens within the database by login
  • Security is paramount and sharing login information just opens the door for security breaches.